Jedison Power Catamarans

and Custom Commercial Vessels

Our Catamarans

Our catamarans have proven themselves to achieve higher speeds with lower horsepower engines, low draft profiles, durable and reliable. Our cats are built to the highest quality using 100% hand laid fiberglass hulls and fiberglass composite topsides to minimize maintenance.  Built to US Coast Gaurd standards and using high quality materials, we deliver to you an exceptional catamaran. 

Our 63' Base Open Catamaran starts @ $325,000

Our 70' Base Open Catamaran starts @ $435,000

Each boat includes: 
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Exceptional stability over a mono-hull
  • Beachable
  • Customized deck layouts
  • Speeds of over 20 mph with less than 400 hp
  • A selection of engine packages
  • May be Coast Gaurd approved for US vessels

We have boats for lease during your build so you can get started on your new venture!!


Our Catamarans are  fast and fuel efficient.  Using state of the art technology and our growing relationship with Cummins Power, we have choosen them as our preferred  power-plants for our vessels.  Jedison Catamarans are equipped with easy-to-read Smartcraft gauges, that may be customized to include a variety of additional information such as monitoring tanks, rudder angle and generator performance.  With the addition of electronic shifts that eliminate those annoying and difficult shift cables and may be programmed which sync to optimize performance and cruising speeds.
Our 70' enclosed catamaran with a 22' beam and weighing less than 30,000 pounds is powered by twin 355 hp Cummins QSB, reaches speeds of up to 25 mph while burning 14 gallons per hour.  

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